Skin Tag Removal (Cryosurgery) In Rockville, MD

Do you need your skin tags removed? Have you tried a lot of the at home remedies just to find out that they do not work? Although skin tags are usually harmless, they need proper treatment when they swell, become infected, or cause your surrounding skin to become irritated or painful. You could need skin tag treatment because of cosmetic reasons. If your skin tags are facial or on your neck, removing them can help make you feel more confident about your appearance.

A skin tags appearance can be smooth or irregular , they are often raised from the surface of the skin on fleshy peduncles (stalks). They are usually flesh-colored or slightly brownish.
Initially they are quite small, flattened like a pinhead bump.

They can appear on any part of the body such as:

• Eyelids
• Arm Pits
• Around & Under The Breasts
• Face
• Chest
• Neck
• Back

Skin tags are for the most part non cancerous – tumors of the skin. They very common and generally occur after midlife. They usually consist of bunches of collagen and blood vessels which are trapped inside thicker bits of skin.

The general cause of skin tags is irritation from the skin rubbing together, or chaffing. Some patients are more susceptible to these tags, either because of their weight, heredity, and more often for unknown reasons. People with diabetes or hormones secreted during pregnancy can also cause a skin tag issue as well.

Dr. Yang can provide relief from these skin tags with a simple in office procedure. Please call us today to schedule your consultation.

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