Arm Lift

Who is a candidate for an arm lift plastic surgery?

Patients who have loose excess upper arm skin – sometimes called “bat wings” – are good candidates for arm lift plastic surgery. Loose excess upper arm skin is a common problem among women who have lost weight. Losing weight is most often a very good thing! However, if you have lost weight, your upper arms may now have sagging skin.

How is the arm lift plastic surgery performed? What are the risks?

The procedure is performed at a fully licensed and accredited outpatient surgery center. The procedure takes approximately three hours to perform. A typical arm lift surgery session includes performing arm liposuction with removal of excess arm skin at the same time. Most patients take two weeks off of work to recover. They will take more time off work if the work requirements are strenuous. A consultation with Dr. Yang at our Maryland or Virginia locations will help answer any questions you may have.

What is the outcome of the arm lift plastic surgery?

The outcome of the arm lift surgery is dramatically less loose skin in the upper arms. The most common technique is demonstrated in the images here. Scars will be along the inner aspect of the arm to the armpit. They are visible in a sleeveless shirt.



arm-lift-patient-before-1 arm-lift-patient-after-1
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